Artificial Intelligence- Its importance and Future prospects

Artificial Intelligence- Its importance and Future prospects

What is Artificial Intelligence.

The capability of a computer to think or learn is artificial intelligence. The machines work on their own with no human support. The machines are programmed to mimic human behaviours. Artificial intelligence is the model of human actions programmed into computers so that the machine shows attributes of human nature like learning capability and problem-solving.

Artificial intelligence is best explained when the machine is programmed in a manner to rationalize and react according to the situation to deliver the best results.

Eligibility criteria to take up the course.

The prerequisites to learn Artificial intelligence is to have knowledge in basic computer technology and mathematics, these two make the backbone of artificial intelligence programs

If you are a fresher, you need a minimum qualification bachelor’s degree.

For superior job roles like leadership, supervision or administrative roles require master’s or doctoral degrees. 

The course typically contains studying:

  • Cognitive science theory.
  • Different areas of mathematics, that include probability,, algebra, statistics, logic, calculus and algorithms.
  • Physics, and robotics, engineering 
  • Graphical modelling, including neural nets and Bayesian networking

If you are interested in learning artificial intelligence, you can select the degree with specialization in AI

Importance of AI:

Artificial intelligence is the enormous thing that is taking over the world. The researches of AI have a motive to make general or strong AI to execute nearly every task. As the scope of the subject is enhancing the curiosity of the people to learn is also increasing. The services provided by AI have the capability to bring a change in our life at a rapid pace. Many sectors have already begun the use of AI like healthcare, automobiles, and language processing.

Let us look into some benefits AI has brought in our lives.

1. Problem Solving capability: The ability of human beings is to solve problems; AI has the same capacity to solve problems which are complex and critical.

2. Medical Science: Research and analytics can be performed by virtual health care assistants in medical science with the help of AI. To provide help and customer service bots are being implemented they will work round the clock.

3. Data Analytics: To improve the business process the application of AI in data analytics uses transactional data to develop algorithms and offer new data perceptive.

4. Aerospace Industry: Artificial intelligence techniques are found in almost all the activities performed in the air transport. It is one of the crucial industries where nothing can go wrong. A lot of software is used in air transportation and most of them are designed with AI. Assumptions are not welcome in this industry at all so AI is highly required.

5. Gaming Zone: Gaming bots have replaced the real players in video games. Most of us are addicted to video games; AI makes the bots start the games allowing you to play without delay.

6. Other Benefits: the other benefits of AI are handwriting recognition, speech recognition, image processing, etc.

Salary after completing the course

Artificial intelligence is a booming with the varied alternatives it offers for people to explore. People with AI skills earn higher than the people with the same qualifications but without AI knowledge.

For fresher’s, the salaries in India range from 6 lacs pa. To12 lacs p.a. Higher Salaries are offered by companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.

Companies are looking for qualified professionals with AI skills they are ready to offer a huge salary package due to the lack of people with complete AI knowledge. Consequently, the salary packages also change with the location.

Future jobs in AI are:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Computer vision engineer
  • Data scientist

Artificial intelligence can improve our lives in many ways in an efficient manner. The prospects are not clearly defined in the initial stages of learning but as the potential is vast, you can expect an extraordinary career after completing the course.  The future of AI is endearing as it will create 2.3 million jobs approximately.