CCIE Factories

Cisco certifications are some of the best technology certifications in the electronics and telecommunications domain. These certifications include CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. CCIE is the most prestigious of all technology certifications. CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert. The CCIE certification is the Expert level of Cisco Certifications. CCIE is the top of the Cisco career ladder.

Therefore, the popularity of Cisco CCIE certification is very high. Given the popularity, CCIE Training has become a booming business. Commercial Training institutes have mushroomed all over the city. CCIE Training has become big business. Training institutes provide bootcamps and long term training in CCIE. Institutes compete with each other to show more pass outs to attract for students. The CCIE training is a very demanding training.

When someone who has completed CCNA and CCNP wishes to further climb up to CCIE, it is important that he has a good base in CCNA and CCNP. Given this fact, a good foundation in the basic understanding of networks is key to passing the CCIE certifications. CCIE Training comprises of two part, namely the CCIE Theory Training and the CCIE Lab training. Together, it will be about 300 hours of rigorous training.

The commercial institutes who provide these trainings, to attract more students, have a sure fire model to creat more pass outs with CCIE. For this, they teach students from what they call the DUMS or previous questions from previous exams. So the entire CCIE training is focused on the previous question papers rather than training on pure technology. The net result is a whole lot of pass outs with no thorough knowledge of the technology but a CCIE# (number). CCIE training that does not focus on technology training is waste of time. Several CCIE training institutes have been blacklisted by Cisco due to this malpractice. All this has led to the formation of CCIE Training institutes to become CCIE factories churning out CCIE graduates that have no idea of the technology aspects.