CCNA is the Backbone of Networking

CCNA is the Backbone of Networking

Cisco has provided CCNA certification which is known to be the best of the IT certification in the IT industry since inception. The revision of the topics has been on the go-to face the challenges of the IT industry. In light of the new requirement topics necessary for today’s IT industry have been added to the certification. 

CCNA is the foundation for the career for most of the IT professionals and investing your time and money in this certification will help you become strong on data networking.

Cloud has been considered as the priority for networking in recent times. Virtualization and cloud are growing at a rapid speed every day. The question for most of the professionals in IT is: Can CCNA still be pursued? Is it still a relevant course?

The heritage and the great architecture is not built in days’ time it took years for people to make big monuments in past. This is because of the foundation that was laid for a long time which makes the buildings stand strong even today. We hear of new technologies these days like Analytics IoT, Blockchain big data, etc the similarity in all these technologies is the data but what is more important is the movement of the data. This movement of data needs a strong network as the backbone.

Let’s learn about the Cloud: 

  • It is a third party machine
  • The machines require connection amongst each other
  • The cost at the customer’s end is reduced in Cloud
  • But the provider must be very strong in networking to be able to send and receive data in the machines.

Cloud technologies again need a strong network. The point is all the companies do not use cloud technologies, but every company needs a stable and strong network background.

Networking is known to be an industry without a recession. If you want to make a career in CCNA it will create a gateway for you. The certification of CCNA is one of the world’s most desired IT certification. CCNA has been upgraded ever since it was commenced. It has come to existence in 1998 and all through the years, the syllabus is getting updated. For the benefit of young professionals, CCNA builds a strong foundation in IT networking.

The recent CCNA 200-301 had a massive modification in the course syllabus. As the world is changing and we are in the wireless generation Cisco has included wireless networking, security, and automation topics in the syllabus. For the immensely advanced IT industry which is evolving now and then the new curriculum of CCNA helps IT, professionals, to look for dynamic careers.

A CCNA certification will serve as evidence to the management about your knowledge in the networking concepts accompanied by the credentials that you have gained. The certificate from CCNA is accepted worldwide, and it is recognized. The validity of the CCNA credentials are for 3 years from the date you receive and it can be renewed by attempting exams again for CCNA or for other professional certifications like CCNP

Knowledge is never outdated, it can be in anything and here to learn CCNA in present times is also recommended as it is not obsolete. There will be a lack in the IT professionals in the future due to the advancements in networking technologies which makes it a mandate to learn CCNA. 

A Cisco Certification:

  • Enhances And Validates Your Networking Knowledge
  • Opens Up New Opportunities in  Career 
  • Gives You a Salary hike 
  • Employers have a preference for Cisco Certified Professionals
  • Opportunity costs are far outweighed 

The certifications from Cisco are general and specialized both of them call for examinations. The certification for the general category is divided into four levels of specializations which are provided in seven ways like routing and switching, design, security, and storage networking.

The proof that CCNA is still required is because of the popularity of the certifications. If you are a certified Cisco professional your employers will be assured that you are proficient in the concepts and fundamentals of networking.