Explore wide career opportunities with Comptia+

Explore wide career opportunities with Comptia+

comptia+ is a certification that builds your core competencies in the areas of Network security, compliance and operational security Threats and vulnerabilities Application, data, and host security Access control and identity management Cryptography 

It is an international third part certification to confirm the knowledge that you possess on concepts of security tools, and ways to apply knowledge to protect from incident and foresee security breach.

Comptia+ is a globally recognized certification exclusive for all security products this certification of security opens wide avenues for career. The exam for the certification is hands-on and performance-based. Whatever skills and knowledge you gain are suitable in your job and are practical. Comptia+ is updated with the present trends in network security. 

Job roles covered by Comptia+:

Junior IT Auditor/Penetration Tester,

 Systems Administrator, 

Network Administrator,

Security Administrator.


Comptia + is an entry-level computer certification for service technicians. Anyone can attempt The exam however it is recommended to have at least 6 months of work experience as a computer technician.

The primary security certification any IT professional should earn is CompTIA Security+. The core knowledge that is needed by any cyber security role is established with comptia+. It acts as a launch pad for intermediate-level cyber security jobs.

 After completion of the course you will be able to:

∙         Identify an assortment of compromise and comprehend penetration testing and vulnerability scanning concepts

∙         Install, configure, and deploy network components at the same time test and troubleshoot concerns to hold organizational security

∙         Use secure network architecture concepts and systems design

∙         Install and configure identity and access services, along with management controls

∙         perform and recapitulate risk management proven methods and the impact on business

∙         Install and configure wireless security settings and apply the public key infrastructure

 Salaries for certified professionals:

The average salary for a certified professional with a CompTIA + in the United States is between $28,833 and $80,500 as of April 27, 2020. The Salary ranges will differ in terms of the positions that require the certified person. 

The average salary for a certified professional with a CompTIA + in India is between INR 268000 and INR 353000 as of April 25, 2020. The Salary ranges will differ in terms of the positions that require the certified person and the company. 


  1.  When a person has certification of comptia+ it validates that he or she has an excellent understanding of the basics of computer software and hardware. It shows that you have the knowledge to troubleshoot various devices from smartphones to computers.
  2.  The credential doesn’t concentrate on the vendor-specific software and hardware it indicates you can pay attention to building a strong foundation on technical knowledge. The actuality of having comptia+ certification is you will have a wide variety of opportunities. 
  3.  Being a support specialist you will have no restriction to work in a specific location. You can work from anywhere.

4.      This certificate is trusted and valued having this certificate with you gives you an opportunity to earn higher than others. As you continue to work and add more certifications, you will enhance your career and earning potential.

  1.  The certification is unlike the other certifications that only build knowledge, comptia+ with its diverse nature of enabling you to work within or outside the technical industry offers you a work-life that you will enjoy. You can work in the place you like that helps you grow as well as balance your family life.
  2.  If you hold The credential, it proves that you are accustomed with the new updates of the technologies because it is developed by experts who upgrade the model regularly based on the technical developments. It will make you stay updated and relevant in your career.

7.       This certification comes with a lot of hard work and you need to clear many exams. Having this certificate is an achievement.

8.        Most of the people only seek a job in the IT industry but at an entry-level, if you possess this certification it shows you are serious about your career.

 Get certified today and open new paths of career.