Extension of Expiry Date For All Active Cisco Certifications

Cisco has officially announced that all active Cisco Certifications will remain valid for the next 6 months starting from March 16, 2020. For example, if your certification validity was expiring on April 2nd, 2020, then it would automatically be extended for another 6 months from April 2nd, In this case the validity will be extended to October 2nd 2020. Therefore, all certified Cisco Associates, Professionals, and Experts…. please relax. You now have extra time to prepare for your re-certification. This is definitely a good move by Cisco and is boon for all Cisco Certified Professionals. Cisco has done this based on the current global scenario in regard to the COVID-19 infection that is spreading across the globe and the need for social distancing for containment of the infection. Thank you Cisco for this thoughtful move!