Machine Learning- Career and Beyond

Machine Learning- Career and Beyond

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application that enables computers to learn and improve on their own without being programmed. When data is fed into a computer, the process the computer follows to make accurate predictions is called machine learning.

ML is about the predictions to identify or differentiate fruits in pictures, analyze traffic on the roads, differentiate the meaning of the same word in different contexts, recognition of voice or speech to capitulate searches in search engines.

The difference between traditional computer software and a computer with machine learning is that the traditional computer software is not instructed to differentiate between fruits but machine learning software is instructed clearly by humans to distinguish between each fruit by training it on huge data.

Eligibility for Machine Learning

Machine learning is in outrageous demand at present. Due to the immense technological innovations that happen every day it gets difficult to keep a tab on the data for this purpose machine learning is required. Machines will provide the required help to humans to extract maximum efficiency from the latest technologies in less time. The study of ML has gained popularity in the recent times.

The ML course is specifically designed for technology professionals. 

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

• Possess a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent.

• Programming languages such as Python, Java, Scala, Matlab, R, C++, etc.

• Knowledge of Databases like MySQL

• Linux Operating System

• Mathematics

• Statistics

• Linear Algebra

• Calculus

• Calculus of variations

• Probability theory

• Graph Theory

• Good analytical skills

• Knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms, etc.


  1. Seamless Sales predictions and marketing

Marketing and sales forecast is simplified with ML. businesses can use ML for smart choices and accurate results. Using ML businesses take immense advantage which reflects in their sales and marketing division.

  1. Enormous Data utilization through infinite Sources

Essentially ML expends a boundless measure of extensive information. With the help of behavior patterns of customers the data that is consumed can be used to review and revise the sales and marketing plans. The trained machine will provide precision-based outputs that eliminate long wait in data integration.

  1. Processing in a jiffy

ML has the fastest prediction processing which offers the best commodities to the customers at the right time without your interference. The ads visibility will keep the customers informed.

  1. Evaluate Customer Behaviors from the past 

You can interpret the customer behavior based on the past data with the help of ML thereby from the evaluations you can take appropriate decisions pertaining to the present. 

  1. Meticulous Medical insights and investigation

 ML uses the anonymous data of past and identifies possible readmissions, suggests the best medicines based on the symptoms of the patient. ML improves the patient’s health with less expensive treatment by accurately diagnosing in the early stages of the disease.

  1. Significance in data automation

Predictive modeling and algorithms in machine learning simplifies the data entry automatically with high accuracy as a result employees can focus on duties more worth.

  1. Improves Precision of Financial Rules and Models

The finance sector uses ML to manage portfolios, loan underwriting, algorithmic trading, and mainly fraud identification.

  1. Spam Detection simplified

Spam is something that bothered all of the businesses. ML has solved the spam detection problem in the initial days. As ML is being used it filters out the spam from mails using neural networking. Phishing messages and junk mail are identified with the process of evaluation of rules among the massive computer network.

  1. Outstanding maintenance predictions in the manufacturing sector

The corrective and preventive maintenance methods in manufacturing sectors are expensive and incompetent. ML is the way to improve the performance standards of the manufacturing sector. It creates predictive maintenance strategies which are excellent in foreseeing failures. Consequently reduces activities in preventive maintenance that are worthless 

Salaries and prospects 

Machine learning requires exceptional knowledge in programming the engineer is expected to train the machines to understand and provide an optimum solution for the issues. Communication skills are also highly needed in this field.

• As a Machine Learning Engineer the average salary in India: Rs. 9, 50,000 

• As a Director of Analytics The average salary in India: Rs. 6, 45,000

• As a Principal Data Scientist the average salary in India: Rs. 17, 11,180

• As a Data Analyst the average salary in India: Rs. 4, 97,550

Machine Learning Salaries are very high considering the job role however there are ample job opportunities in the future in ML.