Master Diploma in Network Security

Learn from Industry leader in Network Security. 

Master Diploma in Network Security (MDNS)

This program is designed for the highly skilled and proficient teams of Security professionals in the field of Information Security to inspire, motivate and mould them. There is a growing need for certified professionals, as IT Security is fast becoming one of the most in-demand IT spectrum that calls for trained expertise. Irrespective of academic backgrounds, this program brings in more freshers, chiseling them with the required skills and knowledge and assuring wider career opportunities. This program in Network Security, concentrates on a comprehensive learning, fine tuning all the concepts from basic to more advanced level in Networking and Security concepts. Besides the basics of Hardware, the course also introduces the students to an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals and security concepts in Networking. It gives them an insight into the nuances of Information Security, emphasizing on Ethical Hacking. Every session of the curriculum is validated by a global vendor from the respective field with an internationally recognized certification.
Course Description
MDNS program is comprised of 6 levels:
  1. Fundamentals – Hardware (80 hrs)
  2. Fundamentals – Networking (40 hrs)
  3. Associate Level in Networking (50 hrs)
  4. Associate Level in Network Security ( 50 hrs)
  5. Professional Level in Network Security (200 hrs)
  6. Ethical Hacking  (40 hrs)
Training Methodology
Expert trainers in the respective fields, handle each level. Our faculty consists of experienced instructors who possess hands-on experience with real time concepts but also have multiple certifications. Students can access the State-of-the -Art labs 24×7. Our training crew give personal attention to every student through the theory and practicals.
Plus Two and above. Anyone interested in having a career in Network Engineering can pursue this course.
Modes Of Training
In-house classes with individual sessions for each level. The batches are scheduled as per the convenience of the students. Freshers, College going students and working professionals can attend.
460 Hrs
A global vendor with an internationally valid certificate, certifies each level with a certification exam.