In Honour of the First CCIE

Stuart Biggs, world’s First Cisco CCIE (#1025) passed away on 24th June 2013, after he collapsed and went into a coma the previous week.

A retrospect of the 53 year old veteran’s networking career runs parallel to the emergence of Cisco’s most reputed and award-winning Certification CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert).  It lays forth a mixed platter of awe and excitement to muse over those initial days in Cisco where a team of pioneers scooped up the best the Networking world could ask for.

The Journey

Biggs started his career in the field as Tech Support in 1983, following an MS in Electronic Engineering from Stanford University, California. After changing job roles like Sr. Software Engineer, Support Engineer and Principal Engineer with a few companies like 3Com, Fore Systems etc, Biggs joined Cisco Systems  in 1991 (till 1994) as Support Engineer.  After his bit of job-hopping, Biggs rejoined Cisco in 2002 as Technical Leader, only to stay put with the Networking top gun till his recent demise.

Stuart Biggs had played a key role in co-leading the team that developed Cisco’s innovative and highly acclaimed CCIE certification program. This Cisco CCIE program was the brainchild of the Cisco Chairman and CEO Mr. John Chambers, who was back then a vice president.

The First CCIE

On October 1992, Biggs, along with a few other Cisco seniors, came up with a team who could serve as Technical Connoisseurs on Cisco products; who could maintain their own networks or help in maintaining them. One of the tasks of this expert team was to create a course that would highlight the expertise on Cisco products in a real live environment.  The main aim of the program was to recognize the top talent in network design and problem-solving among Cisco’s diverse customer base.

A rigid set of requirements was made mandatory to ensure that only the best of professionals got selected. “Prospective candidates need to be highly qualified just to enter the program, and after taking an intensive troubleshooting course, must pass a rigorous hands-on lab test conducted by senior support engineers”.

A lab was created based upon the technology of the early 90′s like, FDDI, Ethernet, a bit of X.25, IBM SNA along with 1 or 2 routing protocols. The written exam was added later, only to serve as a qualification for admission to the lab exam. Brad Wright, the new CCIE program manager, assigned Stuart Biggs, the Cisco Senior Customer Engineer, to write the CCIE test and assemble gear for the CCIE test lab.

Some interesting facts about the CCIE bloomer days:

The CCIE Certification was planned to be named as Cisco “Top Gun”!   But as the famous Tom Cruise starrer with the same name was recently released, Cisco changed it to “Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert” to avoid any legal issues.

The CCIE program was publicly announced on Sept. 27, 1993

As Cisco didn’t have switches then, the lab gear consisted of AGS, AGS+ and MGS routers.

In those times the hands-on test took two days: One day of build-it and next day of fix-it after they break it!

The CCIE inventor team chose to start the CCIE numbering
system with 1024 (2 to the power of 10)

The company assigned the first CCIE number - CCIE # 1024 to its own Cisco testing lab, placing the number plaque on its door.

Stuart Biggs was awarded the second number - CCIE # 1025, as he created both the CCIE written and lab test.

Stuart Bigg’s employee ID was the same as his CCIE No. #1025

The first non-Cisco person to pass both the written and lab exam was Terry Slattery, who used to work as a Consultant to Cisco. “……..Terry passed the hands-on test, designing and building the network in one day, then fixing the things that Biggs (the lab test creator) broke in just over half a day.”

Biggs received #1025 on July 19, 1993 and Slattery got #1026 on 03-Aug-1993.

The 2013 worldwide Cisco CCIE count has been officially reported as  +11,371 CCIEs

The Year 2013 is the 20th year of the CCIE program

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I joined Inter-Networkz for Master Diploma in Network Engineering, which covers all levels in Computer Networking from Basics to Expert level.

On Computer Networking…

I chose computer networking as i felt very less people are really aware of it. I would say Networking is the best field to choose for those who are looking to start a fresh career. It has lot many tracks like Security, Voice, Wireless, Datacenter etc which one can specialize in.

Learning at Inter-Networkz

I came to know Inter-Networkz through online. While searching for networking courses, Inter-Networkz came as the best and when i went through the site the facilities seemed good.

My learning experience at Inter-Networkz was good. The lab and other facilities were good.  All classrooms were provided with AC and projectors.

All my trainers were well-knowledgeable about the topics. My thanks to my first trainer who started off with N+, my MCITP Trainer who was the best.  He gave me all support. My thanks to my CCIE (R&S) trainer who guided me all through the course.

My heartfelt thanks to my counselor who helped me since my travel to India and supported me as much as she could. Also the HR and all the staff. The services were good. I am happy to choose InterNetworkz.


All my certification exams were good. I passed my certifications without much problem.

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Job Vacancies for CompTIA Certified

COMPANY LOCATION                                 


MNC Client Bangalore Network+


MNC Client HYD/Del/



A+/ Network+








C3I Goa A+



FOBS Delhi A+


NCR Maharashtra A+



NCR Tamil Nadu A+






C3I Manipur A+



Dell UP A+




Acute Informatics Pvt Ltd Gujarat A+


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Neeraj Kamaljit, CEH

I was a student at Intercop (IT Security division of  Inter Networkz). I wanted to pursue a course in Ethical Hacking and after thorough research, i came across this institute which provides Ethical Hacking and IT Security courses and decided to join. And i must say the CEH course is wonderful.Ya, there is lot of theory but yes that’s needed,until and unless you understand the concepts,you are not good to go.

My trainer is very knowlegable as per the technology concerns,and he was able to resolve all my queries. Labs were well equipped with tools, O.S needed to perform demonstration and i really enjoyed it.  

This course will exactly teach you the mindset of a hacker. How he plans, deploys the different kind of attacks, how we will be securing a network, a machine etc. It’s not focussing one area of security or only one aspect of security, it is the entire sphere. And i must say this course is must for every guy who is in IT field, and want to learn about security. After attending only few classes you will feel the difference.

After the completion of course, you can write the exam as soon as possible. Exam comprises of 150 questions. 70% is the pass mark, and you will be allocated 4hours duration, which is more than enough if you are well prepared.

Atlast a few words to those who want to pursue a course in security.This is the best course available from EC Council, and Inter Networkz is the Accredited Learning Partner of EC-Council. So you can attend training here and can write exam straight away at the Testing Centre.You will be given official curiculam books with CDs, which is not available else were in market, not even online.

I sincerely thank all, from my counselor, my trainer and other staff members who were very cooperative during my classes and my exam.

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NCR Corporation Customer Engineer 1 Amritsar CompTIA A+
ZS associates Helpdesk Support Pune CompTIA A+
VM Ware Network Systems Administrator Pune CompTIA A+
HP Response Center Engineer ISS-1047158 Bangalore CompTIA Server+/Network+
HP Response Center Engineer Network-1047256 Bangalore CompTIA Server+/Network+
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Harshit Lohani, CEH

I got to know about Inter Networkz through one of my colleagues who is also in Information Security field. After researching more on the web and after getting reviews on internet, i decided to go with Intercop (IT Security Training divison of Inter Networkz) for my CEH training.

In one word, the learning experience at the institute  was “wonderful”. The trainer was very knowledgeable and was able to resolve all our queries then and there. The best part was, we had undergone a lot of practicals on hacking stuffs. Some people feel the theory part to be very boring, even i feel the same way.However, the trainer was able to relate the theory and practicals part, which made it interesting.

Frankly speaking, i decided to go with software development field because i had a lot of interest in coding and other related stuffs. You call it luck or fate, when i joined my first company, there was no vacancy in the development sector and i had to chose IT security. Slowly and slowly, i started taking interest in this field and later found that this field is booming in the market. Hence, I’m here now and enjoying my work.

As for CEH, it is a good program. However, some of the contents are related to the old technologies. But in someways that is also good as you first need to learn about the basics and then proceed with the newer and advance technologies.

 CEH exam contains 150 questions out of which 70% is the pass marks. Once you will go through the training and prepare for the exam, you will feel much comfortable and confident to crack it.I believe it wont be difficult to crack it if you are well prepared.

From my experience i would suggest students to take up the training program which will not only help you to prepare for the exam but also  groom you for your interviews in other companies.

 Before taking up the exam, prepare at least for 1 month. Go through the study kits and review the practicals using the CDs which will be provided to you. You will definitely clear the exam. All the best.

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Congratulations John Marshall !

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Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, CCNA, CCNP

I chose networking keeping in mind quite a few reasons. Network Engineering is an in-demand specialization in IT. Companies are fast forwarding to technical feasibilities and this increase the demand for networking professionals. Specialisation is accompanied by lots and lots of money, but all of this will take place only after diligent learning and practice. Microsoft & Cisco certificates are always value add-ons. Also, Professional Ethical hackers recommend beginners to start in networking as the entry for world hacking.

When i first came to India on 2009, i was searching to apply to any college in Bangalore, which include a  networking training session. I got to know about Inter Networkz for networking through the help of  Abu-Baker & Osman Aydin who were students there.                                                                               

At first, with CCNA i didn’t get the concepts quickly, but after finishing the lecture, my trainer and my classmates came to me and explained the right way how to do it. As for CCNP, it was complicated at first time. There are 3 papers, Route, Switch and T Shoot.  Once i started the batch it becomes like a fun.                         

As for Inter Networkz,  it was a great place to get experience! At Inter Networkz there is 24×7 lab facility and all week days & weekends we can practice with the help of trainer.

Big Thanks for Mr. Nelson. He was such a good trainer, Big thanks to Mr. Anand, my best trainer in CCNP route, Big thanks to my best trainer in CCNP Switch, Big thanks to Mr. John Marshall my best trainer in CCNP TSHOOT, the biggest thanks to Mr James Abraham,  then branch manager at Shivajinagar & to Madam Padma.  If she were not there we could not have proceeded with anything :)

I want to be in the future, God willing, to become CCIE Architect

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List of New Jobs for CompTIA Certified

Company Role Certification Link
DELL Client Tech Support Sr. Associate A+/N+


QUATRRO GLOBAL SERVICES PVT LTD Solution Engineer A+( along with other industry certifications)–Gurgaon-0-to-3-years-270912003533?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=


NCR GROUP Customer Engineer A+


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Congratulations Mr. Manjunath Naganna, Technical Head, Intercop (IT Security)

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