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We are Inter Networkz, The best institute and online training provider for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, COMPTIA and much more.

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About Inter Networkz

Established in the year 2005, Internetworkz is a premium certified signifying that our training qualities and infrastructure is on par with international quality standards.

As pioneers in Authorised Training & Certification in Bangalore, with over 14+ years in the training and certification industry and a name that span across the international student community, INTERNETWORKZ, focuses on providing quality education and high-end training in Network Engineering and Information Security. Founded as the flagship center for Advanced  Network Engineering and Research, under Covenant Network Technologies Pvt Ltd, we provide short term and long term certification programs on the global platforms of Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Linux, Information Security, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Cloud (including Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure and other popular technologies

Years or Experience

With years of expertise and value added services, Internetworkz has become the company of choice for several organizations and individuals seeking to augment their area of expertise.

Training Standards

We envision reaching out to those potential candidates, providing them a State-of-the-Art training, internationally competent skills and the right exposure to a global career.

We are Pioneers in CCNA and CCNP Enterprise Certifications

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Apart from the regular global certifications in networking technologies, Internetworkz offers integrated programs in Diploma and Masters levels and Technical Collaborative Graduation programs with leading Universities, thus reaching out to a wider audience, specially the ‘non-tech’ segment, who are looking forward to the right entry into the lucrative IT realm.

Our integrated programs help the candidates to get technically qualified as well leverage on the certifications to catapault themselves to higher career opportunities.

We are delighted to say that we had awesome privilege to train and certify 1000s of international students from more than 70 countries across the globe. We have earned the trust of the international student community through our consistency in quality, and keeping our word to the students.

Inter Networkz, Bangalore

"A global premier technology training company"

Our Vision

We are in a constant bid to create value for money for our customers by providing training and end to end networking and security solutions.

Our Mission

Quality controlled Training Delivery Continuing Technical updation of all Faculty Introduction of cutting edge technology training Industry Integration Certification mapped training Focus on Customer delight Latest lab facilities

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Founder's Message

The world is progressing rapidly in the domain of IT technologies. Everyone is moving in the direction of tapping technology developments in their respective domains so as to propel it forward to breakthroughs in discovery and inventions. This is the most techno-savvy generation where almost all industries and businesses are totally driven by technology. Technology is evolving like never before. We at Internetworkz, a next generation premium technology training company, are focused primarily on quality training on the latest and current technologies in the IT and Network Engineering domain. This technology domain is growing. The need for network engineering professionals is on the rise like never before. Our endless pursuit for the best quality has led us to deliver world class training. New domains like automation and machine learning have influenced the world of information technology. Large behemoth companies like Cisco have also aligned their technology and businesses in this direction. They have now re-aligned the certifications to match the industry development like automation, artificial intelligence and the cloud.

In this regard, we have provided our students with the best technology focused curriculum supported by one of the best network and security technology lab and super certified, highly experienced trainers. We have wide spectrum of courses ranging from a 5 day program to Diploma, Bachelors and Masters programs. Our infrastructure provides the right ambience for learning. Our friendly staff will help you and guide you through your training tenure and make you feel at home.

Pioneer in CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Training & Certifications

We are the most reputed and trusted institute in CCNP, CCNA, CCIE Training Programs in Bangalore and all over the world (online Training)